Your Inner Gypsy Witch

Workshops & Retreats

Each of us, and our powers, are uniquely crafted.  Although glorious, they come with great weight which must be measured and honored. The awareness of which shall be brought to the conscious mind.  For this, examination is necessary.  In so many ways we go about our daily lives and for a moment we forget.  We forget the pact we made – the one we made with ourselves and with those who share the cause.  Its time to remember.  The age of the witch is fast approaching.   We are the ones chosen to take the next movement of mankind into the coming ages.  This is not a game.  We don’t claim our titles because of a societal trend. The only way we will succeed to HONOR the birthright.  It is a birthright to wisdom not found in books.  It is a birthright to activate and work the powers bestowed upon us.  It is our responsibility to honor that birthright.  In this workshop, we discover how, introspectively.  Emerge into the being your soul calls you to remember.


Workshop series includes:

  • Channeled messages and instructions
  • Guided meditations
  • Ceremony
  • Crafting (spell work)
  • Open table discussions
  • Private Facebook group

Optional workshops on location (Gastonia): experience, practice and hone the fingerprint of your craft.