"Miranda did a beautiful palm reading on me with insight that confirmed everything I thought and more.  She gave me some valuable tips on how to change a line on my hand for challenges that are stopping my financial flow.  Very useful and very positive.  I would highly recommend her.  I already have as well."  ~ Nami,  The Bag Lady

"I had a reading done this past weekend, and it was absolutely AMAZING. She was spot on with things and honestly made me cry tears of joy! Such a kind soul and can't wait to run into her again one day to have another reading." - Courtney K.

"Miranda is amazing. She was referred to me by someone I admire and have a great deal of trust in, Christina Nelson. The first call was striking , the only word I can use. She nailed it. She was so open and my spirit guide showed up immediately. The things she told me rang so true, and listening to it back later just proved how wise and open she is. My second reading was just as impressive and had me in tears. I highly recommend this woman as she is full of spirit, very open to the truth, and wise. I will definitely be having more readings from her." - Ilene R.

"I just got done with a reading from Miranda. She is absolutely amazing and spot on. She actually gave me chills at one point. She was also making me giggle because she was soooo spot on! Everyone that is looking for a reading, I highly recommend Miranda. Thank you again sooo much." - Kristiena H.

"This testimonial is a little different, Miranda has been a student of mine for a while, she is an amazing student, extremely gifted and talented, highly intuitive. A beautiful soul that works closely with her guides and angels. If you have chosen to get an amazing Intuitive Reading from Miranda you will be amazed and walk away a different person and possibly have some wonderful life changing validation." - Christina Nelson.

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