Wings Of A New Angel

Recently I attended a celebration of life service for an old friend. Even though we had not stayed in touch in recent years, he and wife held a special place in my life. He was 44 at the time of his passing and had suffered a heart condition for several years and eventually took his life.

Angel wings appearing on my vehicle the day before his service

As the church filled with grieving friends and family, we shared our memories with each other while we waited for the service to begin. He was definitely a joker and trickster; many would call him crazy. Eventually, the Pastor began the service. As the room became quiet, I could sense my friend's energy in the room, but could not place him. I wondered if he would show himself to me, or even if he could show himself to me yet since it had only been a few days since his passing. Almost as soon as I began wondering, he was there to my left.

"BOO!" He laughed as he popped in. "I thought you were over there" "I am" Then he started to pop his head up and down among the pews "I can be here and there, everywhere” He reminded me of the whack-a-mole game.

As the service went on, the Pastor spoke of the sadness we all felt with his passing, and the tears started. My friend returned to my left, "I was tired Ang, I was ready to go. I didn't want to fight it anymore. I couldn't"

The pastor spoke of the new body my friend now has. "It's shiny" he tells me with a smile as he stands proud, almost strutting as his figure wiggled back and forth. I did not see him at the end of his earthly life, but I know it had been a long time since he could move so freely and without pain.

The pastor spoke of his beautiful wings..."Nah, they are mother f***ing majestic" my friend says. He quickly shoots them out. They are shiny like 24kt gold. He told me they aren't really like that, but they will be.

As the service went on, we talked a little more. Then he sat on steps in front of his wife and he looked at me, "you have to tell her, you have to." I promised I would, but at another time. The service came to end, and we began to file out of the church.

"How will I know when the time is right?" I asked, walking to the car.

"I'll let you know"

"What if I forget all this?"

"I'll won’t let you"

"I'm counting on that."

There are days and nights that I question this ability of mediumship. I often wonder if this ability, and all that comes with it, is a burden or a gift. I question if being open is worth the sacrifice of friends and family who don't understand. But then, when spirit comes, I feel nothing is truer. I cannot describe the feeling of connecting with someone who has passed, it's one of complete awe, they are filled with a light and love so incredible that only God could possess, yet it's here. They are here. So maybe this story is my reminder of why I chose to accept this gift. Either way, just know that your loved ones are here with you always... whether you choose to believe now or sometime in the some point we all experience them.