Self-Reflection Through Palm Readings

Your palms are an ever evolving reflection of who you are and where you are in life at any given moment in time. During a palm reading we can determine individuality, emotions, talents, health, strength, relationships, fears, quirks, and even behavioral patterns (from nail biting to choices in partners). While the map of a person's hand can be read with universal guidelines, the most important factor in a good reading is still intuition.

Just as your life is in a constant state of motion, so is the map of your life which is reflected in your hands. The fascinating thing about palmistry is noticing just how quickly and often changes are reflected. Want to see for yourself? Try the following exercise the next time you get a bad headache:

Using your active hand (this would be the hand you write with), locate the pad just below the first finger. You will notice a small dot which is typically red, blue, or black. This pad is called the Mount of Jupiter, and it rules the head which is why the dot that appears in just that spot when you get really bad headaches. After your headache goes away, look at the Mount of Jupiter once again - the spot will be gone!

Everything you've done, everything you may do, everyone you know and everyone you may know is all reflected in your hands. Remember, your hands are a reflection of yourself at all times. They change as you change. Pay close attention to the markings on your hand and you will find this to be true.