Gifts from the Heart

No matter what time of year it is, it is so easy to get caught up in the materialism of today's world. Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, we are always on the search for the perfect gift. The challenge is not finding something they will like, but something that really speaks heart to heart. That challenge is where I found myself this past Christmas as I was trying to think of what to give my grandma. After all, there wasn't anything she needed and at this point, and she wants very little.

Life is a collage of intertwined moments. Many go by unnoticed, but the special ones touch our hearts. It is those magic moments that feed our souls. My Grandma gave me so many of those, and I wanted to bring that magic back and share it with her. I wanted to tell her how much she means to me - but even that can be difficult because simple words cannot possible wrap up all that love and gratitude.

I decided to give her a box. Not just any box, but one filled with the love and memories she gave to me. To just look at these miniatures, one would never think they hold so much, how big they have become. Because I couldn't be with her on Christmas and tell her what the box and the tiny pieces inside it meant, I made her a small book. Simple words were no longer simple, but all encompassing. It was the perfect gift.

The contents of the book were published in the January/February issue of Bellesprit Magazine. Click here to read the messages these tiny gifts told on Christmas morning. I share this in hopes of inspiring others to remember the magic moments in their lives and the people who helped create them. We don't need occasions to give gifts, and we do give, let them speak from heart to heart.

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