The Oak Moon

Tonight, let us celebrate the Oak moon. There are other names for this moon including the cold moon, and long nights moon among many others depending on the source. The moon will officially be full at 7:05 EST, but you probably saw its beauty last night and will continue to bask in its light tomorrow night. This will be the third back to back super moon during this autumn season. This particular moon will be the brightest and highest of year, with the high point at midnight.

Not to be outdone by the moon, the Geminids meteor shower will also send up to 120 shooting stars through the night sky. If you find Orion’s belt and look directly above it, this is where the showers are supposed to occur. The estimated time is from 9:00 PM this evening, December 13th, EST through 4:00 PM on December 14th. The best viewing is expected around 2:00 AM EST.

To Wiccans and Pagans, this is the time of the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord is a Celtic horned God of winter, fertility, forests, wild animals, and the underworld. The Dark Lord’s symbol is the Oak tree and is linked to the color black.

During this full moon, it is the time to focus on rebirth, to take time for inner-reflection, and to focus on the home. Take the time to stop in the midst of chaos and appreciate the spiritual blessings you have been gifted – and all those blessings which are still manifesting. It is our time to endure, to die, and to be reborn. We may find ourselves contemplating the lessons we have learned in our times of darkness, and our personal alchemy, which allow us to properly pre pare for the New Year coming in while reaching out to friends, family, or to those in need.

With Gemini in the moon, hidden emotions are most likely brought to the surface. Gemini represents our connection, our mental processing, learning, and communication. We often find ourselves in conversations, news, and even gossip as we try to puzzle piece our lives together. Our heads may feel out of sorts while our subconscious takes over the driver’s seat and we find ourselves in a position to face the music. Whichever way you shift and react, embrace whatever is yours to claim. Find gratitude in this rawness as this allows your own truth to come forward along with the opportunity to recreate the spark of life you may have misplaced.

It is no surprise that magical rituals are performed under this Oak moon. After all, we are under the strongest time of power, magical workings, divination and prosperity. Both candle and water magic are natural choices for your crafting as it envelops strength, self-confidence and balance between the worlds, prosperity, and of course release and transition into new beginnings.

Developing your own ritual will honor and bring focus to these aspects and to manifest all the good to come. When crafting your personal ritual think about what you really want to accomplish in the coming year. Make a vision board or place symbolic items on your altar to bring your desires into manifestation. Be sure to express gratitude to all your helpers, guides, ancestors, deity’s, etc. Be grateful for the year that has passed and all the lessons/experiences you have gained. Now is the time to let your inner being shine with all the goodness, strength, and wisdom you possess. Allow room in your life as you watch your will become your reality.

Special thanks to Sussie Grimmit for letting me use your beautiful photograph of the moon.

If you have any thoughts or comments I would love to hear from you!