As I begin to write "about" me, I ask mysef:  what does “about" mean?  The question should be what do I represent?  By which law, rule, or standard do I govern myself, my words, and my actions?  I’d love to have a noble response.  I don’t.  Every word or phrase that enters my thoughts is quickly dismissed as I contemplate what each truly means when broken down. I ask myself:  Do I embody those definitions?  I found these standards to be codes I aspire to, not necessarily adhere to.  So I changed the question to be "how do I move through this humanic life?"

How do I move through this humanic life? 


I wander. 

I trip. 

I fall (alot). 

I dance. 

I soar. 

I sing. 

I cry. 

I expand. 

I evolve. 

I digress. 
I am everything and nothing. 

I simply am.

Official Bio

There is an inherent, intrinsic birthright to the powers in all realms,  near and far.   The art of harnessing those powers is a craft that requires great responsibility and a stamina of truth.  It is here I work.