Private appointments at your location

Now booking: private appointments at a discounted rate of $70 for a 30-minute reading (normally $80) are available for the following dates and areas.  Contact me for availability and scheduling.

Charlotte, NC metro area

Contact for available dates

Salisbury, NC and surrounding areas

May 10, 2019

Asheville, NC

May 18th, morning only

West Columbia, SC and surrounding areas

May 18th, evening only

May 19th, evening only

Greenville, SC and surrounding areas

May 31st, evening

June 1st, evening

June 2nd


Through the practice of Reiki TUMMO, I am able to channel Divine energy for healing, protection, cleansing, distant healing and more.  Reiki TUMMO combines Reiki, Kundalini and the Spiritual Heart for improved health, happiness, and spiritual growth.  If you are feeling blocked, stuck, or just generally “off” and could use and energy boost or cleansing in order to get back into the natural flow and rhythm of life, Reiki TUMMO can help.  An energetic healing session can clear and restructure your chakras and aura when there are blocks or weakness present.  I am able to come to your location or you may find me a select local locations.  Energy and Spirit is not bound by time or space so if you are not able to schedule an in-person session, I am able to send the same energy to you at your requested time. 


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