Spiritual Guidance

By inviting me to connect with you, you are offering your trust, which is honored with great responsibility. Hearts are opened, hopes and fears are shared, and some of the most intimate pieces become seen. It is for those reasons I take an oath every day to work in the purest light possible, and always with compassion and integrity. The relationship I develop with clients is sacred as it is built on trust, confidence, openness and lack of judgement.

Current Special - Astrology Reading

Using the Mystic Dreamer Tarot deck, this spread is based on astrological charts used to plot horoscopes.  It is a circle divided into twelve sections called houses.  Each house represents an aspect of a person's life.  This spread is a representation of each and will give you an awareness based on the current point in time.  


Most people like to do this reading once a year, either at the beginning of a new year or on their birthday.  You have the option to have the reading delivered in a PDF format. 


Makes a great gift!

Your twelve houses are:

  • Self

  • Money, Possessions and self worth

  • Communication

  • Home, and everything associated with home

  • Children, creativity, and pursuit of pleasure

  • Work, service, diet, health

  • Relationships

  • Jointly owned possessions

  • Religion, law, learning

  • Status, honor, reputation and career

  • Community

  • Subconscious

Message from the Universe


This is a five card spread and will look at your spiritual life, work life, emotional life, intellectual life, and your physical life.

If you don't have a specific question, but feel like there is a part of your life that needs attention, use this spread as a kind of gauge or thermometer to see how you are doing.



A favorite among clients, let the pen do the talking. Many times this type of reading give metaphors for you to apply to your life. These channeled messages usually are short and sweet but are always enough to be heard.

You'll receive a PDF file for printing. Original writing can be mailed to you upon request.



We will meet with guides and/or loved ones to embark on a mini journey together. A deep meditation opens the doors for communication.

Let Spirit be the guide and trust that the information you need the most will be given.

Other services

Tarot Reading, 5-card


Letting the ancient wisdom of the tarot lead us, we will explore your current situation, what actions will keep you in the current space and what will move you forward, and what the possible outcomes are given the current path versus is you take action.  Royo's Dark Tarot deck is used for this spread.

Oracle Reading, 5-card


Using the Fallen Angel Oracle deck, this spread lays out your present status that needs attention, factors that brought this into being, what the future would be if continuing to move along the current path, what actions or changes need to be made, and the outcome which you make possible with the actions/changes discussed.


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