Welcome!  I am Miranda Meyer and I specialize in psychic readings, medium readings, palm readings, earth and spirit magic, and energetic healing.  My clients work with me from all over the world by phone, Skype, and in person at various locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Opening up to the world and energies of Spirit has been the only thing that has ever felt true to my core being.  I am born from a line of healers who use the energy of the heart and earth to help and inspire others.  I love helping people by working with energy and the world of Spirit in multiple ways; to me there is nothing more awe-inspiring.  I am able to connect you with loved ones on the other side or spirit guides when you are looking for assistance in finding answers.  During energetic healing sessions, I channel Divine/Source energy and transfer it to you for healing, protection and cleansing.  By embracing these energies, I will work with spirit when you need assistance in manifesting your desires or directing specific outcomes.


Our time together becomes a sacred and confidential safe haven to be yourself and ask any questions you want! Sometimes you might feel a little nervous or hesitant about the services I offer.  From the beginning, I make sure you feel safe, comfortable and positive.  By inviting me to connect with your energy, you are offering your trust which is honored with great responsibility. Hearts are opened, hopes and fears are shared, and some of the most intimate pieces become seen. It is for those reasons I take an oath every day to work in the purest light possible and always with compassion and integrity. The relationship I develop with clients is sacred, as it is built on trust, confidence, openness and lack of judgement.  I truly enjoy working with every client and want you to have the best experience possible.


I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time and care refining my knowledge and skills so that I can give my best to my clients.  In the metaphysical world, the subjects are vast and include many different paths.  Regularly participating in workshops and surrounding myself with friends and mentors who embrace a magical and spiritual life keeps me open minded and continuously learning.


Diamond Psychic Advisor, BelleSprit Magazine 

Mentorship 18-Month, Christina Nelson

Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Deborah King

Certified Realm Reader, Doreen Virtue

Psychic Development, Belle Salisbury

Mediumship Development, Belle Salisbury

Reiki TUMMO attunements, Padmacahaya International Institute For Inner Study

Modern Spiritualism, Morris Pratt Institute (current study to be completed 2019)


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