Welcome!  I am Miranda Meyer and I specialize in psychic readings, medium readings, palm readings, earth and spirit magic, and energetic healing.  My clients work with me from all over the world by phone, Skype, and in person at various locations in North Carolina and South Carolina.


Opening up to the world and energies of Spirit has been the only thing that has ever felt true to my core being.  I am born from a line of healers who use the energy of the heart and earth to help and inspire others.  I love helping people by working with energy and the world of Spirit in multiple ways; to me there is nothing more awe-inspiring.  I am able to connect you with loved ones on the other side or spirit guides when you are looking for assistance in finding answers.  During energetic healing sessions, I channel Divine/Source energy and transfer it to you for healing, protection and cleansing.  By embracing these energies, I will work with spirit when you need assistance in manifesting your desires or directing specific outcomes.


Our time together becomes a sacred and confidential safe haven to be yourself and ask any questions you want! Sometimes you might feel a little nervous or hesitant about the services I offer.  From the beginning, I make sure you feel safe, comfortable and positive.  By inviting me to connect with your energy, you are offering your trust which is honored with great responsibility. Hearts are opened, hopes and fears are shared, and some of the most intimate pieces become seen. It is for those reasons I take an oath every day to work in the purest light possible and always with compassion and integrity. The relationship I develop with clients is sacred, as it is built on trust, confidence, openness and lack of judgement.  I truly enjoy working with every client and want you to have the best experience possible.


I have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of time and care refining my knowledge and skills so that I can give my best to my clients.  In the metaphysical world, the subjects are vast and include many different paths.  Regularly participating in workshops and surrounding myself with friends and mentors who embrace a magical and spiritual life keeps me open minded and continuously learning.


Diamond Psychic Advisor, BelleSprit Magazine 

Mentorship 18-Month, Christina Nelson

Certified Spirit Guide Coach, Deborah King

Certified Realm Reader, Doreen Virtue

Psychic Development, Belle Salisbury

Mediumship Development, Belle Salisbury

Reiki TUMMO attunements, Padmacahaya International Institute For Inner Study

Modern Spiritualism, Morris Pratt Institute (current study to be completed 2019)


During a medium reading we will connect with those on the other side.  I will share evidence and details that you are able to validate.  They will come through with their personalities, items, memories, and more that you will recognize.



I cannot promise that the specific person you are trying to reach is going to come through.  No one can.  We cannot make anyone show up on command.  You may hear from spirits other than the ones you are hoping to connect with or ones that you are not expecting.  However, most of the time the loved ones you do want to hear from come through in some manner.



Spirits are just as excited to speak to you as you are to speak to them.  However, if you want to hear from a loved one who has recently passed, it is suggested to wait three months before trying to connect with them.  Keep in mind, this is not an absolute time frame.  When a loved one transitions to the other side, we usually need time to process and grieve.  The time a spirit needs to transition, and be able to come through, is a much talked about topic among mediums.  You are likely to get a different answer from each.  Just as we are individually different, so are spirits.  Their energy strength varies from one to the next, and they do get stronger as they move along in their journey.  With all that being said, when the time is right, it will happen.  Do not be discouraged if that particular spirit does not come through.  You may be meant to hear from someone else that day.  Spirit will always give you what you need, when you need it, and will give the messages you are meant to hear.



In a psychic reading, I will connect with your energy using my gifts and connection with Spirit to see where you are in life.  You will always receive spiritual guidance with complete honesty.  I do not sugar-coat the information I receive, and you may or may not want to hear the truth.  You may need to hear a different perspective so that you can make the best decision possible regarding a situation.  We will talk about surrounding influences and help you understand some of the reasons behind your current place in life.  Spirit guides are always present and will offer guidance to help you reach your decisions, validate of your inner knowing, and offer insight on what factors you may need to be aware of in moving forward.



Bring your questions to our sessions! I will do my best to get them answered.  Sometimes loved ones do come through during psychic readings to offer advice and insight or just to say hello.  My goal during these readings is to provide you with a sense of clarity and peace.


Palmistry is an ancient form of diving into the self.  Your hands are essentially a road-map of who you are.  They are a reflection of your past, present, and potential future.  During a  palmistry reading you will learn about your individuality, emotions, talents, health, strengths,  relationships, fears, and much more.  I offer palm readings a fun and interactive way to add that special touch to your parties or events.


Through the practice of Reiki TUMMO, I am able to channel Divine energy for healing, protection, cleansing, distant healing and more.  Reiki TUMMO combines Reiki, Kundalini and the Spiritual Heart for improved health, happiness, and spiritual growth.  If you are feeling blocked, stuck, or just generally “off” and could use and energy boost or cleansing in order to get back into the natural flow and rhythm of life, Reiki TUMMO can help.  An energetic healing session can clear and restructure your chakras and aura when there are blocks or weakness present.  I am able to come to your location or you may find me a select local locations.  Energy and Spirit is not bound by time or space so if you are not able to schedule an in-person session, I am able to send the same energy to you at your requested time. 


By combining Source energy, Spirit, guidance from my ancestors and gifts from the Earth, I offer assistance in manifesting your desires and helping you take control of situations within your life.  I DO NOT get my workings from the internet, it is based on a mixture of different backgrounds, primarily tribal cultures. This type of magic can be used to influence any part of one's life.  Common uses include health, prosperity, cleansing, uncrossing, and altering one's relationships with others (attracting, removing, enhancing, etc).  When you come to me with a situation, please remember that my work is done with integrity and with the highest light possible.  Therefore, I carefully consider each request, with the assistance of my guides, and I may or may not decide to take on your request.



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